INFEMNITY™ Productions has backgrounds in broadcast television, documentary programming, commercial advertising, music videos, action sports, sketch comedy, live events, and corporate videos. Our crew, no matter the size, is staffed with highly-skilled and seasoned professionals at every position.

• Cinematographers

• Directors

• Producers

• Creative Directors

• Art Directors

• Designers

• Teleprompter Operators

INFEMNITY™ camera crews bring more than just their production talents, professionalism, and state-of-the-art equipment to the set. They also come with an array of narrative techniques, a creative point of view, and an innate passion for the art of filmmaking:

Live-Action Shoots

Multi-Camera Shoots

• Green Screen Shoots

• Motion Capture Video

Documentary Video

Sit-Down Interviews

• Live Events

• Streaming Video

• Special Shoots

INFEMNITY™ camera crews handle shoots ranging from single-camera interview to epic multi-camera shoots with a small army of production personnel in multiple locations. INFEMNITY Productions supplies camera crews for:

• TV Commercials

Music Videos


Corporate Videos

• Brand Videos

Web Commercials

Promo Videos

• Social Media Videos

Viral Videos

Independent Films

Do you need a talented, experienced, and reliable camera crew?

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