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Leverage Our Live Streaming Experience

We use start-of-the-art broadcast equipment tailored to your specific needs and goals to create the highest quality live stream video production possible. Our objective is to pair advanced tech with experienced marketing to find the best solution for your live stream. We’re your strategic partner during the event to ensure your live stream effectively communicates your message, so it will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impact. Our live stream process is customized, creative, and results-driven.

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Outsource Your Live Streaming
Engage your remote networked audiences when you let us help you Live Stream your next meeting! We broadcast live multi-camera video with live edit and graphic overlays over the internet in real time.
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Empower Your Social Media
Ramp up your content schedule by going Live to multiple platforms with multi-camera live segments that help you to get even more engagement from your followers. We make it easy.
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Get Started with a Quick Quote
Already think you want to broadcast your event live? Looking for a quick easy quote? Checking availability is the fastest way forward because it gets everyone focused on your objectives and you get a custom estimate when you’re done.

Why Live Stream?

Live Events

Concerts, political events, summits, trade shows, fashion shows, contests, influencer events… If your brand is a part of an exciting event, chances are your audience wants to be a part of it too.


Live streaming your event offers a front-row seat (and even behind the scenes too for an exclusive peek).

Internal Meetings

Whether it’s a board meeting, sales coaching, or franchise communications, everyone can have access to the same info, at the same time, with live stream meetings. High-end live stream video production can especially enhance long-distance relationships with investors and shareholders.

Life Events

Make sure your friends and family never miss an opportunity to share a life moment with you. Live stream weddings, funerals, parties, baptisms, baby showers, etc..

Share your life event publicly across multiple platforms or share a private ticketed event through our platform

Webinars and Employee Training

 You can transform any event, like Q+A sessions or panels. These can be a great way to share knowledge and enhance brand recognition—and sell additional tickets to your event.

Live stream your training sessions so employees in multiple departments and locations can learn and interact in real-time. Record the stream to reuse for future training as well.

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  • Can you help us with registration?
    Yes, if needed, we can support you and help you navigate through the many details that help a live online broadcast go well.
  • Can we stream to Facebook Live & Youtube at the same time?
    Yes. We can stream to multiple locations at the same time or we can stream to a private location that only your intended audience can see.
  • Are you able to stream from other cities besides New York?
    Yes. We have several crews trained and ready to travel.
  • Will we record the archived version?
    Not only will we record a version for archive, on multi-camera events we typically record on all cameras so we have ample flexibility to re-edit after the event when needed.
  • Can you stream from remote locations?
    Although it’s always better to stream to a wired ethernet connection to the internet, we have the ability to stream over wireless and cellphone connections when needed.
  • What type of live stream quality can I expect?
    We shoot a multi-cam livestream which includes arrival graphics with music, a multi-cam presentation with lower thirds, a social media manger on-site to incorporate social commentary, and an outro with graphics.

Thanks! Message sent.

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